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Current page: If you read "Kartendatum ungültig" invalid card date when topping up your card at the wall terminal, money cannot be loaded on to the card anymore, but instead only dating leipzig germany still remaining dating leipzig germany may be used up. At the beginning of each semester, we offer our student restaurant card service called Mensakarten-Service.

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On selected dates we are available to you directly at the student restaurants for hand-out, replacement, extension of validity, and any transfers regarding your card. All details can dating leipzig germany found in the FAQs below. Prices What can I use to pay?

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Show details Students of the following universities and academies can pay directly using their student card: Exempted dating leipzig germany this rule are employees of the universities and academies specified below; they can pay directly using their service card: Who will get a student restaurant card? Show details All students and employees of the universities and academies associated with Studentenwerk Leipzig as well as guests of these universities and academies can get student restaurant cards see question "What can I use to pay?

dating leipzig germany

Show details Student restaurant cards are issued by Studentenwerk Leipzig to one person on a non-transferable basis. Students having a student card that includes a student restaurant card function will get access to this function via their university or academy.

For further information, please dating leipzig germany to the question "What dating leipzig germany I use to pay? Employees of the universities and academies will receive their cards at the Human Resources Department of the respective university or academy.


This does not apply to employees of Universität Leipzig. Guests of the universities and academies will be given their student restaurant cards by Mr. Please bring along: For students: Where can I pay using my student restaurant card? How and where can I top up my student restaurant card?

Show details Student cards and student restaurant dating leipzig germany must be loaded with money before they can be used for the first time. Afterwards they are immediately ready for use, no activation is required. It is convenient and secure to top up your card online via AutoLoadwith cash at the loading terminals in our student restaurants and cafeterias or at the checkouts of our cafeterias.

Business Speed Dating - with a Twist #7

The card can also be topped up with cash when you receive it at SSZ. Charging terminals can be found at the following locations: Mensa am Park student restaurant at the dating leipzig germany Show details The student restaurants cards are always valid for one semester.

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After successfully renewing your enrolment, you can have your student restaurant card updated at the location where it was issued. The card is inactive and may be updated as follows: Validity updating procedure for students: All other students dating leipzig germany update their cards at the SSZ or at the Mensakarten-Service student restaurant card service.

dating leipzig germany

Validity updating procedure for employees: Please make sure to bring along your valid student card or employee card; without it, carrying out an update will not be possible. Please note: Any evidently unauthorized use of a card will exclude dating leipzig germany of the remaining balance.

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Can the card be topped up without cash? Show details With AutoLoad you can top dating leipzig germany your card conveniently and without cash directly at dating leipzig germany cash desks of our student restaurants and cafeterias. Prior to this, a single registration in the SSZ is required.

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All information can be found on the AutoLoad website. Who is my contact in case of card problems?

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Show details If you have any problems or queries concerning cashless payment at the student restaurants and cafeterias, please contact: How do I find out what balance I still have on my card? Show details If you use AutoLoadyou can view the balance conveniently online on the card service portal. Alternatively, you can dating leipzig germany how much credit you currently have on your card at the loading terminals.