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What clinched your decision to adopt it? Urs Schmied: There used to be about 3, servers in service in the Sulzer Group around the globe.

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When the time came to renew a large portion of are you single or taken means hardware inwe asked ourselves whether this investment was really making sense. Although cloud technology has evolved in great leaps and bounds over the last few years, back then it was already rather obvious that it made little sense to operate our own servers all around the world. The harmonization and consolidation of our Group IT was already well underway at that time. So we asked ourselves the fundamental question: Where do we want to go with our IT?

Sulzer, headquartered since in Winterthur, Switzerland, specializes in pumping solutions, services for rotating equipment as well as in separation, mixing and application technology. The company creates reliable and sustainable solutions for its markets: Inthe company achieved sales of roughly CHF 2. And what was your conclusion?

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IT is a means to an end. So we want to concentrate on providing functionality for the business.

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A lot of companies would like to follow the path taken by Sulzer. What would you see as the most important success factors? The goal can naturally be a bit ambitious, but it must be something you can actually achieve. Then to flesh out the vision, you need the right people with intimate knowledge of the company, who know are you single or taken means is possible in terms of IT. Perhaps from external consultants?

No, for are you single or taken means type of radical transformation you need to have the know-how within the company. After we had developed the new IT strategy under her leadership, we built an internal team of cloud experts. Then came the next and probably the most important step: Why was this step so important?

When you tackle this kind of migration project, you are bound to encounter problems in the implementation phase. If you have the entire management against you at the very first obstacle, things can get very difficult.

Previously IT had always been seen merely as a cost factor. We wanted IT to become a partner to the business on an equal footing.

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And how did you manage to convince the management? As in all organizations, it was a process. The cloud was mostly seen as something negative. There were many questions to be answered, particularly about risks in the areas of data availability and security, are you single or taken means course.

But we soon managed to convince the management that the cloud was in fact already playing a role in our organization. SAP and applications in HR were already being provided as cloud services. The experiences gained there were thoroughly positive.

The Sulzer Group Client Story

Naturally that helped us enormously. To do this, we had to make our visions tangible in the form of concrete plans.

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This also helped us gain the confidence of the management. Our plan was founded on specific examples of how we would proceed in the transition.

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How were you able to address the issue of security? Security was a key issue for us right from the word go. Close collaboration with Security, Compliance and Legal departments is especially important when it comes to the cloud.

Your vision is Cloud First.

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What exactly does that mean? We have a clear goal: The implementation works like this: If not, we look at PaaS platform as a service or IaaS infrastructure as a service. You had are you single or taken means an ambitious time frame In we elaborated the vision and our plans were endorsed by management; in we launched the two proofs of concept PoCs.

Then in March we put it out to tender. Due to the intense work entailed by the strategic framework and planning, as well as the experience gained from the two PoCs, the team could define the requirements to an external partner very precisely and link them to concrete operational tasks. The biggest challenge consisted of migrating an existing data center in Stockholm — with servers and about 1, users — to IaaS.

This concrete case enabled us to make a precise analysis of the offers, above all with regard to the costs.

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This was followed by the migration itself. Today you live in a hybrid cloud environment.

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What does are you single or taken means current distribution look like? That is, we migrated most applications and data directly to IaaS. The proportion of SaaS is sure to grow further in time. What would you say are the advantages that you have now? Our infrastructure is secure and stable, but at the same time it has become much more flexible.

This naturally benefits the business directly. We are now much more agile and can integrate acquisitions or new locations much quicker than before. This agility enables us to reach out to the business better. Can you be a little more specific about the costs?

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A large part of the savings result from the increased use of internet technology in the WAN area. Plus, we completely dismantled two large data centers. The monthly costs were considerable for just the required network infrastructure.

Calculating the precise costs is a complex exercise: What ultimately counts is how much it costs overall. Of course, the most important aspect here is where the data is stored. In concrete terms, we operate IaaS services at four locations: Where would you say the challenges lie in pursuing a cloud-first strategy? The biggest danger with the cloud is definitely that you lose control as a company. You relinquish control of the use of the services you get from the cloud.

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But you also lose control over the running of the infrastructure, for instance the implementation of global guidelines. When you lose control, that can very quickly become very expensive.

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But if these resources are no longer needed and are not terminated, single hanau costs continue to accrue without generating a tangible business value.

Can you describe this process in a bit more detail? By sending a showback to the application owner, we die welt kennenlernen transparency for the business. We submit a monthly report outlining what IaaS costs are incurred per application.

So those responsible have complete control over how much computing power they use for their application. The good thing about this is that resources that are not being used are immediately identified and shut down.

In fact the discussion goes even further: To start with I found this idea a bit strange, but once you begin doing your sums, you can make huge savings. And then you very quickly have the support of the business.

That sounds like close cooperation with the business Exactly, and we want to further expand this cooperation in the future. The business is happy to take on responsibility because it can directly control the positive effect — performance on demand with lower costs. Our goal is to offer the business a self-service setup by providing an appropriate degree of automation. This puts the application owners in a position to manage their virtual servers themselves. You also mentioned the danger of losing control over the running of the infrastructure It is crucial to reduce the operational complexity of a hybrid infrastructure environment to an absolute minimum.

How do you guarantee that all security guidelines are followed? How do are you single or taken means guarantee compliance? And how do you do that? We delegate this task to Open Systems — the company is in a position to offer both the network layer and the application and security layer from a single source. With the are you single or taken are you single or taken means of the 24x7 operations we can get to the are you single or taken means of any problems right away.

Open Systems is responsible for the running and monitoring of the entire global network in the Sulzer Group, which currently adds up to locations around the world. This collaboration has been in place for over 20 years and works very well.

Specialized partners are an important part of our operating concept. The openness and transparency of collaboration is very productive for both sides. Open Systems is a partner we can really talk to.

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The engineers were likewise involved from the start and had to do quite a bit of development work to virtualize the services so that they would also run in the cloud.

Does this mean you have full control over the entire hybrid infrastructure environment? Correct, and all with a single point of contact. We protect our data and applications with the same high standard — regardless of whether the infrastructure is running in the public cloud, the private cloud or at certain locations still on our own hardware.