Single-aisle passenger jet

Deniz Akin Due to the low density and almost unrestricted design possibilities of a laminate, the use of glass-fiber-reinforced aluminum allows a significant weight reduction compared to a conventional fuselage made of monolithic aluminum materials.

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On this basis, the aim in various research projects is single-aisle passenger jet develop and validate a fuselage concept based on the FML technology with the objectives of a significant weight reduction of the aircraft structure approx. The German Aerospace Center DLR develops a new process chain for the production of fuselage single-aisle passenger jet at three different institutes and four locations.

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In addition to the advanced automation technologies of the production of metal-lamina, the research activities contain also the continuous process-accompanying quality assurance as well as a broad understanding of the material behavior. Single-aisle passenger jet the DLR site in Cologne, material stresses are examined with the single-aisle passenger jet of establishing design rules under biaxial cyclic loading.

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The paper will include the detailed discussion of the above mentioned topics.