Silent dating vienna. Flirten ohne Worte

Frequently asked questions Why is it special? How is it different to other events? Unlike other events the program is focused on giving you many possibilities to silent dating vienna with other singles.

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  • Silent Dating is a back to the basics approach for a dating scenario.

You have the chance to meet singles in a playful way in a relaxed atmosphere. Before you need to think about a pick up line we are here to offer you a structure and a lot of things to talk about.

Die Veranstalter Helena, Karen und Timo erwarten mich schon. Alle sind superschick angezogen und ich komme mir mit Schlabberhose und T-Shirt einen Tick zu casual vor. Ein paar andere Gäste sind auch schon da, aber ich bin froh, dass mir Helena zuerst silent dating vienna alles Mögliche zum Veranstaltungskonzept und ihrem Unternehmen erzählt. Die Teilnehmer des Silent-Dating-Events lernen sich kennen. Wir beginnen, kreuz und quer durch den Raum zu gehen.

Who silent dating vienna it for? It's for people aged between 24 and 37 5th July or 31 silent dating vienna 45 12th Julywho want to meet other like-minded humans in person. You don't need to be a particular sort of person. The program is though more suitable for those who are eager and open to experience something new.

silent dating vienna

What is the language of this event? Hosts will conduct the event in easy-going English.

Silent Dating (22-38 years)

What does the ticket include? Your ticket includes three cocktail tastings and the entertainment program.

What is the program? That is silent dating vienna reason why only online ticket selling is possible.

silent dating vienna

Is my data given to someone else? We treat your data with a lot of care.

No need for pick up lines as a start but a lot to talk about at the end

It is only used by us to send you information about the event you registered for or our newsletter if you agreed on that. If you hand out your matching sheet to us we share the data you want silent dating vienna share with your matches - so if there is a mutual interest to meet each other again.

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Silent dating vienna there pictures or videos made of me? The pictures on our website or in the press are from our press event or photoshoots.

Do I need to prepare something? Prepare yourself in a way that you are in a relaxed mood and feel comfortable. So take your time to arrive at the location and open your mind to meet new people: No other preparation is needed.

Flirten ohne Worte

Do I need the printed ticket? If your ticket is on your smartphone, you don't need to print it out. Stay tuned!