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The classic card game where you can Shoot the Moon, but look out for the Queen of Spades! Hearts is an evasion-type" trick-taking card game. Play against 3 other opponents and try to earn the lowest score by avoiding hearts.
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Enjoy the classic game of Hearts with real live players Hearts Online is the best FREE multi-player Hearts game available for Windows. Just press play and you are matched up with human players from all around the world. Want to play with your friends?
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Play Hearts online free. 3-12 players, No ads.
Play Hearts Online. Queen of Spades. Dame de Pique. Chase the Lady. Play with friends, chat, socialize! No Sign Up. Love playing Hearts! Really smart players The future of online gaming is here! Very responsive team, supported my feature request in no time! Hearts Card Game Rules. Hearts is a trick taking game where players try to avoid winning tricks containing heart suited cards and the Queen of Spades. Hearts can be played with 2 to 12 players. Ranking of Cards. In Hearts, Aces are high and 2s are low. Players pass cards to each other before play begins. There is no trump suit. Players incur penalty points for winning tricks containing Hearts cards or the Queen of Spades. Whoever has the fewest points in the end wins. Classic: Each Heart card is worth 1 point and the Queen of Spades is worth 13 points.
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If points are over 100 and there are 2 or more equal with the fewest points then play will continue until there is only one clear winner. Back to 'shooting' the moon.'' Typically it is not good to get penalty cards, but there is a circumstance where it can hugely benefit you. If you get ALL the penalty cards thirteen hearts and the Queen of Spades then you get zero points and all other players get 26 points each. Trying this can be a somewhat risky move, since if another player gets just one of the hearts you will end up with lots of points. Alright, now that we've' we've' got that down let's' play some Hearts! Best Hearts Strategy Resources. Mark's' Hearts Strategy. Good Discussion on Stack Exchange. White Knuckle Hearts Rules. If you get bored here, we have plenty of other games to play! Maybe go play the card game Rummy or the play the card game Spades Both free and easy with no signup required.
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This online version of the classic card game Hearts was made by me. My name is Einar Egilsson and over there on the left is my current Facebook profile picture! Hearts is the third card game I've' made, the other two are Shithead and Crazy Eights. I used to play Hearts a lot when I was younger, it was one of the games that came with every version of Windows. I wanted to be able to play Hearts online, and just didn't' think all the hundreds of other versions of Hearts would do! Of the card games I've' made, Hearts is probably my favorite. At least I play it a lot more than the others. The game is made using htmlJavaScriptcss with jQuery used for the animations. All the graphics used for the game I found at OpenClipArt, a great site with free graphics.

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