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25 strangest sights on Google Earth Live Science. Live Science.
Related: This weird Google Earth picture does not show a crashed UFO. Secret military base? Google earth, satellite images, Chinese desert Image credit: Google Earth opens in new tab. A mysterious set of satellite images seen on Google Earth created a stir when an ex-CIA analyst told opens in new tab he had discovered structures" in the desert around Kashgar, a city in China's' remote Western desert that is part of the Xinjiang province. Some speculated the buildings at the site were part of a secret military base. But with further analysis, Stefan Geens, a technologist and geospatial blogger who has spent months in that part of China, said the site was likely part of a major manufacturing or economic center. Another strange sight in China's' Western desert Image credit: Google Maps opens in new tab.
11 Amazing Places to See on Google Street View Right Now. PM_Logo. PM_Logo.
11 Amazing Places to Virtually Visit While You're' Stuck Inside. Locations include some off-the-grid options and one even takes you off planet Earth. By Darren Orf and Daisy Hernandez. Mar 29, 2020. If you've' been itching to tour some of the most popular destinations in the world-and even off planet-but are stuck in COVID-19 quarantine, Google Street View has compiled a directory with close-up access to magical and historical locations.
Crazy images caught on Google Street View - CNET.
MCU Phase 5 Pixel 6A vs. iPhone SE Cameras Apple Watch Deals Best Android VPN PlayStation Plus Games Bluetooth Speaker Deal. Your guide to a better future. Crazy images caught on Google Street View. From crazy camera glitches to timely pranks to elaborate performance art pieces, Google Street View has captured some surprising images. 18, 2019 5:13: p.m. See full bio. 1 of 57 Google Street View. No fresh powder. Google Street View began in 2007 with coverage of just five cities. Over the past decade, the camera-equipped car, aerial drones and the on-foot trekkers have captured some interesting images from locations around the world. For example, here's' a picture of a skier on the very green slopes of Mont Blanc, near the border of France and Italy. Originally published April 23, 2018 and updated as weird new Google Street View images are spotted. 2 of 57 Google Street View. Here is a flock of pigeon-masked people on a sidewalk in Tokyo. 3 of 57 Google Street View. Two guys on a bike transporting a dentist chair. We kind of hope these two men in Dhaka, Bangladesh are operating a mobile dentist pop-up.
Heres How Google Street View Gets Its Pictures Reader's' Digest.
Anyone can be a local guide as long as they have a Gmail account and access to Google Maps. The guides can submit photos for places that may otherwise have been completely unrepresented in Google Maps. Amazing people and organizations have added entire cities and countries to Street View, from Tonga and Tahiti to Bermuda and Zimbabwe, the Google spokesperson says.
How to See Archives Within Google Street View - The Mac Observer.
Pick him up and drag him onto your map where youd like to check out the Street View, as Im doing here. Then Google Maps should drop you into Street View, but the magic is this: If an archive of captures is available for your location, youll see a small clock appear after a moment or two on the controls at the upper-left corner.:
21 Images Caught By The Google Streetview Car That Have Us In Stitches.
We're' just really not sure what's' going on here, why it is happening, or what on Earth these people are attempting. In the middle of the street, decked out in full scuba gear, walking in front of a car. It's' hard to say what exactly it is the guy in the red scuba suit is holding, but it seems sinister. The other culprit seems to be attempting to run in flippers, which had us in tears, sides in stitches because it's' such a hilarious thought. If only there was video. 4 Somebody Forgot Their Shoes. This is one of a fewclassic examples on this list of the stitching process the Google Street View Camera uses glitching out. With hilarious results, of course. This time it's' not a mismatch of limbs and bodies, nor a floating head taking a picture, but rather the entire body of this human that's' missing, mistakenly patched over with a beautiful bit of tile. It's' likely that this individual left the frame completely before the Street View camera had finished taking photos.
Weirdest things on Google Maps Street View including frisky cows and ghost couple - Mirror Online.
One of Google Maps most popular features is Street View, which allows you to see panoramic images of different locations. While most Street View photos simply show buildings and roads, some eagle-eyed users have made it their mission to find weird and wonderful additions to the images. From frisky cows to 'ghost' couples, heres a round-up of the weirdest things spotted on Google Maps Street View.
36 Strange and Funny Google Street View Photos Bored Panda.
With its supposedly neutral gaze, the Street View photography had a spontaneous quality unspoiled by the sensitivities or agendas of a human photographer. It was tempting to see the images as a neutral and privileged representation of reality-as though the Street Views, wrenched from any social context other than geospatial contiguity, were able to perform true docu-photography, capturing fragments of reality stripped of all cultural intentions. Without further ado, here are 36 weird photos captured on Google Street View from Jon Rafmans collection with a couple of our own finds.
The Coolest Places You Can Visit On Google Street View Cool Material.
The Coolest Places You Can Visit On Google Street View. You could shell out the cash for a plane ticket and a hotel near any of these places, but it would be far cheaper to take a virtual tour with Google.
13 Embarrassing Moments Caught On Google Street View.
Of course, it also allows anyone towitness embarrassing moments caught on Google Street View and charted on Google Maps. What a time to be alive! If youve seen cars with weird, roundcameras strapped to them, then you've' witnessed Google s team of drivers mapping the globe.
15 Google Maps Images That Seem to Freak People Out, Dutifully Debunked.
There are quite a few Google Map images that really seem to terrify people or offer the springboard for imaginary terror. Heres a small selection of the best ones, in no particular order. Yea, this is pretty freaky at first glance. But its very likely this little ghost girl is just a strange knot in the tree, or the face of an actual little girl who just happened to be hiding behind the tree when a Street View car drove past. Reddit users report that this creepy broken face on Google Maps is somewhere on the coast in The Hague, Netherlands. This shot was reportedly taken on a sidewalk along the Tamagawa-josui in West Tokyo, The Mary Sue reports. This weird Street View photo of pigeon people has a totally normal explanation, however: it sounds like art students in the area showed up in this spot in masks as a prank.
30 bizarre moments and sightings caught on Google Earth Science 101.
space life environment health tech. 30 ridiculous moments and bizarre sightings caught on Google Earth. Aug 16, 2022. The new Western. A lot of the sights you can find on Google Maps are pretty awesome. National parks, landmarks, historical sites-you name it. Amidst the splendor, you can find all sorts of oddities. Some of the things captured on Google Street View, especially, are beyond-words weird.

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